Sonni Shine and the Underwater Sounds Celebrate Their CD Release Party at World Cafe Live

By Joe Gurreri


Living in Philadelphia gives one the opportunity to see a plethora of talented local musical acts on a near daily basis, however there is one band that is blowing local-music lovers away. Sonni Shine and the Underwater Sounds are throwing a release party for their new album “Que Se Queda” at the World Café Live Upstairs on Friday the 24th of February.

“Que Se Queda” dropped this February. The album shows a growing maturity in the band since their self-titled debut in 2010. The layering of instrumentals along with their experimentation with new sounds and polyrhythmic segments really push the album to the next level. When asked about the main differences with this album as compared to the first, Ken Shumski (bassist) replied, “Well right off the bat one difference was we tracked live as opposed to the previous one, which was all multi-track, so it has a completely different feel.” Sean Youngman (drummer) followed up Ken’s comment explaining, “it isn’t done to a click, it’s all very natural. It’s recorded live, all together.”


The show won’t be your typical show upstairs at the World Café. Along with a crazy light show, Cuddle Fish Circus will be performing while they play, which will include fire spinning, acrobatics, and juggling!


Sonni Shine and the Underwater Sounds are influenced by a wide array of musical genres. Sonni’s entrancingly soulful voice calms the crowd while the Underwater Sounds weave through their reggae-jam progressions. They are not your typical reggae band, that is for sure. Their psychedelic jam influences come into full clarity once they go into their wahed out high-energy jams, which always manage to get the crowd going.

Only a couple years ago Sonni Shine stopped pursuing her solo career and joined up with the Underwater Sounds to create their first self-titled album. They made a music video for their single, “Airplane,” which aired shortly after on WXPN. Ever since, they have been consistently on lineups of festivals around the Philadelphia area, leaving smiles on the crowd’s faces after every show.


So if you don’t have a chance to check out Sonni Shine and the Underwater Sounds at their release party, be sure to see them soon in the Philadelphia area or on the East Coast festival circuit. They are unquestionably a great band that stands out from the others, and one to keep an eye on as they grow in the upcoming years.




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