Headspace kick-off party great success
by Dan Newman

New and old friends and Family gathered together on Saturday, March 24th to celebrate the Headspace Magazine release/ Furthur after party held at the Blockley Pourhouse in Philadelphia. Splintered Sunlight headlined the party, joining Sonni Shine and the Underwater Sounds, The Manifest Station, and The Carnival Parade.

Sonni Shine serenaded us with her seductive voice as the Underwater Sounds grooved behind her, and the floor was slowly filling up with dancing bodies shaking off the wintertime blues. At this point, there was still space to hula-hoop, and a few girls were rhythmically spinning and twisting to the music.

For their first show ever in Philadelphia, The Manifest Station took the stage playing a loose, jammy set with fat, funky baselines, fuzzy, spaced-out guitar leads, a jazzy rhythm section and gritty, vocals. These Ohio natives traveled the farthest to help make this event memorable.

Carnival Parade was spinning a funky remix of “Shakedown Street” over a break beat while I took advantage of the buffet, ravenously gulping down as many mozzarella sticks, fried raviolis and chicken fingers as I could fit onto my plate.

By this time, Furthur had finished the Tower show and the Blockley began to fill up with the lucky folk who were anticipating their second dose of Dead tunes for the evening. Splintered Sunlight came out strong with “Bertha” as the opener. Instantly an explosion of gyrating arms and limbs occurred before rock-n-rollin’ into “Beat it on Down the Line”. The first set was a blues rollercoaster ride, fast paced and fun with sing-a-long favorites like “Loose Lucy” and “Mr. Charlie”, a beautiful “They Love Each Other”, and a badass “New Minglewood Blues”. Butchy Sochorow (lead guitar ) said “Fun times.”

The second set started appropriately with “After Midnight”, a contemplative “Saint of Circumstance” into “Sitting on Top of the World” and “Women are Smarter” before a moving “Terrapin Station”. After a short break, Splintered wrapped up the after party with the surf-rockabilly jam “Johnny B. Goode”.

John Kadlecik made a special appearance at the event and said he was having a great time. As our editor thanked him for helping to keep this scene alive John said “ Everyone in here is doing something in their own way to help keep this special scene alive.”

Special thanks goes to the bands, and all those involved: Sonni Shine and the Underwater Sounds, The Carnival Parade, The Manifest Station and Splintered Sunlight. Also a special Thanks to The Blockley for providing the venue and encouraging a good scene in Philly. Much appreciation to the vendors for setting up shop and all the homies that handed out flyers, and most importantly, Dear Reader, Thank you. Thanks for coming out, all 600 of you, thanks for spreading the love and keep sharing the good word.