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This was the website for Headspace Magazine until 2015 when this post appeared on their Facebook page:

December 19, 2015

Dear friends, Headspace Magazine would like to let you know that we are on a hiatus. We are taking some time to re-energize, re-group and return to Headspace Magazine with more inspiration than ever. It is an exciting time for us full of a lot of change. We appreciate all of your support. Keep an eye out for updates as 2016 promises new horizons. Thank you.

The first time I saw Headspace Magazine was while I was waiting for an interview as a coder with one of the top SEO consultancies, TNG/Earthling in NYC, where one of the principals was Rev Sale whose work I had read since I was a teenager. So I was psyched and eager to meet my hero. Rev & his partner Bob Sakayama have been at the forefront of search optimization since the late 1980s when they coded some of the first real search engines for the bulletin board services that were precursors to the internet. Once Google came out of beta, they became probably the first real SEOs, working for both public companies and small mom and pop businesses. They had some great successes and some trying times dealing with Google penalties and hackers, but they always remained the most in demand team in the business and I was eager to join them. This in spite of the fact that they posted many articles critical of Google's practices - here's a good example via Sakayama. Anyway, Rev told me to shop around (even though I really wanted to work for him) because there were so many other opportunities out there and he felt I should not have tunnel vision. He's a brilliant man who has lived the technology revolution over the past twenty years. That's right, he has had more than twenty years of experience in managing enterprise technology platforms including running a global development organization developing commercial software lines. His experience also includes software development methodologies, development processes, strategy, business, new product development, marketing, and of course search performance. I have looked up to him since I was a teenager and became aware of what he was doing. He's been my inspiration and guiding light since I expressed interest in coding. Now that I had graduated from MIT, he helped me get interviews at a number of companies. Anyway, I was just chillin' in the reception room when a friend texted me and said to check out this mag. Glad I did, but sad that in 2015 Headspace Magazine took a break. Sure hope the folks there bring the mag back soon.

The content below is from the magazine's archived pages providing just a small taste of what the mag was all about.


Welcome to Headspace, your local music festival culture and lifestyle magazine!

We cover the northeast's music festival culture and the lifestyle that surrounds the music that bring us all together in our multi-faceted lives

We want to expose new comers to our hippie/jam community but also help support the established "heads". We wish to aid everyone to expand in a positive manner by learning from each other within this magazine. We have the chance to do something beautiful as a group


Headspace Magazine is Philadelphia’s only jam band, hippie magazine. In the last several years we have aimed to spotlight different aspects of the multifaceted lives that make us a community whether that be the music, art, green initiatives, psychedelic events, etc.… Our love for travel intertwines us with neighboring conscious communities and helps extend our coverage past Philly’s borders. Our goal as a magazine is to not only draw from the important lessons learned from elders, but to cover the current jam scene. This means that we are fighting to help an ever-evolving family grow in a positive direction, not simply dreaming of days past. In the days of corporate news, Headspace Magazine promises to report positive information that can affect your everyday lives.


Lotus "Down" Catskill Chill Music Festival 9/9/12

Posted on September 1, 2013

Chill out Man, Catskill Chill is almost here!!

Preview -Written by Jesse Bellosi

The 4th annual Catskill Chill music festival is set to take place September 6th-8th at Camp Minglewood in Hancock, NY. Just as the name suggests, the festival is located in the scenic Catskill Mountains.

Situated just over the Pennsylvania border, Camp Minglewood is a lakeside venue with a capacity of about 5,000 people. The relaxed nature of the venue, as well as the smaller crowd, will make for a more intimate festival experience.

Festival grounds open at 9am Friday. Parking and camping grounds are separate entities at Catskill Chill, so there will be no car camping. Shuttle busses will be provided to festival goers from the parking area to the camping area. Tickets are still available to the festival at $150, they will go up to $175 for anyone planning to buy them at the gate.

There will be four stages for music, as well as a DJ truck. The “Acoustic Junction” stage is set up for strictly acoustic performances. From all out funk, to straight up rock ‘n roll and lands between, the festival is set to offer a wide variety of artists to display their various musical stylings

The Meter Men with special guest Page McConnell will be throwing down together as the headlining act on Sunday night. Other featured artists include Lotus, Lettuce, Kung Fu, RAQ, The Motet- Funk Is Dead, and Conspirator. But that is only a fraction of the artists performing at this year’s Catskill Chill. Artists on the second stage include The Z3, Jimkata, Brother’s Past, The McLovins, and the Mantras .There will be acoustic performances by Consider the Source (x2), The Brummy Brothers, Mun, and Primate Fiasco. For a complete artist lineup, consult the festival schedule.

In addition to the live bands, festival goers have the opportunity to do yoga, and even be part of the festival themselves. Open mics will be held Saturday and Sunday at noon, so bringing an instrument to the festival is encouraged. There will also be drum circles and communal bonfires for festival goers to enjoy. A farmer’s market will be set up, and will offer fresh local produce to those attending.

This year’s Catskill Chill is to have quite the special ending. Dopapod will start things off, and immediately after, Papadosio will take the main stage. Then, Dopadosio, a collaboration of the aforementioned bands, are to play the last set at the festival.

With so many acts and numerous activities, it may overwhelming to decide what to do at any given point of the festival. But, not to worry, because there is always time to just chill, sit back, and watch the picturesque beauty the Catskills have to offer.


The Flock Gets Ready to FUNK Pennsylvania Up


October 2013

Review written by Rebecca Wolfe

Promotional Photography by Jordan August Photography

Concert Photography by David Fiorella

Are you ready to get funky? Slap on your dancing shoes and head over to The Mann Center in Philadelphia on Saturday September 28th to catch the Pigeons FUNK shit up at City Bisco! The Flock will be electrifying the crowd at City Bisco with their animated stage performance as they share the night with Space Jesus, Pimps of Joytime, Lee Foss, Gigamesh, Emancipator and Shpongle. Best of all, these performances will lead up to the main attraction as the headlining act and host, The Disco Biscuits, take the stage to throw down in their hometown! Pigeons lead vocalist exclaims, “We are so excited and proud to be part of this year’s City Bisco lineup! We’ve been listening to tDB for years, and this is our first time sharing a bill, so we’re going to bring our A-game. We’re stoked!!”

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong is one of todays up and coming funk bands that draws inspiration from musicians such as Trey Anastasio of Phish, David Byrne of the Talking Heads, Garret Sayers of The Motet and Chad Sexton of 311. The Pigeon’s music is eclectic, incorporating a variety of elements from different genres. As a result, it cannot be easily categorized. The band calls their music, “high-energy psychedelic funk” and claim, “we always try to take the energy to the brink, to the point where you can see it in the air, and I think that translates a lot in our music and even more so in our live performance.”

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong recently signed with Hoplite Booking Agency, joining the ranks of bands such as Dopapod, Zach Deputy, Big Something, The Mantras, Jimkata, Spiritual Rez, Turkuaz and Turbine. The Pigeons are currently working on their second studio album and gave the following update on their progress, “we’re finishing up in the studio and it’s sounding funktastic! Juggling extensive touring and studio time takes some finesse, but we’re getting it done and can not wait to get this one pressed and distributed to our friends and fans!!” The band has toured vigorously throughout the year, hitting more than 40 cities and performing over 150 shows. They hope to open some day for the likes of Lotus, Umphrey’s McGee, The Disco Biscuits, Galactic and Reggie Watts; and of course Phish, but as we all know, Phish doesn’t have openers.

Some believe that it was pure fate that brought the band together, as the band members all met while they were attending college at the University of Maryland. The band consists of Greg Ormont on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Jeremy Schon on lead guitar and backup vocals, Ben Carrey on bass and backup vocals, and Dan Schwartz on the drums, samples and backup vocals. When asked how they felt about the growth of the flock, which has now surpassed 7,000 funky fliers, Pigeons exclaimed, “Someone just got a Pigeons tattoo… how would you feel?”

I recently had a chance to chat with Pigeons Playing Ping Pong for Headspace Magazine. We talked about the summer tour, their upcoming plans:

Rebecca: What was your favorite state/venue that you played in during your summer tour?

Pigeons: Cosmic Campout at Quail Ridge Lake in Aldie, VA was beautiful in every way. The stage sat on a gorgeous lake, we had a headlining set, and the crowd was full of energy. Definitely a summer highlight!

R: Any particularly funny/crazy/inspirational stories from the summer tour that you would like to share?

P: Mud wrestling with our booking agent at Strange Creek Festival…

R: Any hints on what the theme will be for your Halloween show at the 8×10? What has been Pigeons favorite theme thus far?

P: (Hey, who said we’re playing at The 8×10 for Halloween?) There are a ton of awesome Halloween theme ideas floating around the van these days. Maybe we’ll just do them all…

All of the themed shows have been really fun and unique, but if we had to pick a favorite, our Beatles-themed Halloween show in 2012 definitely comes to mind. We rocked in Sgt. Peppers outfits, meshed Beatles songs in-and-out of our originals, and celebrated with our hometown crowd at The 8×10 in Baltimore… it was epic.

R: Any favorite costumes in particular? (Individual band members’ favorite costumes)

Greg: “The Wizard of Oz” costumes were awesome. I never get to wear my ruby red slippers anymore…

Ben: Lion.

Dan: Tin Man.

Jeremy: Lion. It gets around…

R: Can you tell us a little more about the band’s history/relationship with the 8×10?

P: The 8×10 is our home. The owners and staff are like family, the atmosphere is so fun and intimate, and we love playing our hometown shows there. We started out playing opening gigs on weekdays a few years ago, and eventually built a strong enough following to headline the last two New Year’s Eve and Halloween shows there. The 8×10 is a great spot for bands to develop their sound and fan base… it’s been a treat growing up as a band there.

R: What are your aspirations as a band?

P: JamCruise. Rest. Repeat.

R: So Greg, having attended several of your concerts outside of the 8×10, I couldn’t help but notice that your usual garb is pajama pants and a t-shirt. Is there a particular reason you choose to play in this outfit? (Greg)

G: Comfort above everything else!! Write that down.

R: What are your favorite songs to cover? (Each member)

 G: “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads. Or “Ghostbusters.”

J: Probably “Down With Disease” by Phish.

D: “Chameleon” by Herbie Hancock.

B: “Four on Six” by Wes Montgomery.

R: How do you write the lyrics to your songs? Do you work on the lyrics together, or does each member bring a different song to the nest?

G: I write the majority of our lyrics, usually after the music is written; however, the other guys often help me fine-tune and re-work my initial ideas. They also come up with some awesome lines and melodies of their own that we occasionally use.

Do not miss this chance to get down with your funky self to the groovy music of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong at City Bisco next Saturday the 28th. What better way is there to spend a Saturday night than with some Pigeons opening up for the Biscuits? Your feet will be stomping and the rest of your body will be boogying all night long!